Keep your business running smoothly

Rosteroo helps you build an employee schedule faster by taking into account staff vacation, availability, payroll costs, and more.

Trade your shift or find someone to cover you

Instead of calling a colleague, and hoping they pick up, you can easily send them a shift trade or cover request from the app. Send the request to multiple colleagues at once and get notified when someone accepts instantly.

Allow your supervisor to track your roofing crew’s time

Easily manage
time off requests

Stay on top of your team’s time off and avoid scheduling conflicts. Managers approve or reject time off requests as they come in and notify their staff right away.

Time tracking for mobile workers

Enter availability to simplify scheduling

Keep track of your staff’s availability in real-time. Streamline your scheduling process and make sure you only assign shifts to staff that are available to work.

Time tracking for teams of employees working together

Running Business

Find out who’s working and who’s available

Has business picked up and you’re not fully covered? Quickly find out who’s available to work and assign them a new shift. Or find out who’s on the clock, who hasn’t shown up yet and who’s scheduled to start later.

Time tracking for office workers

Get helpful reminders that keep you updated

Make a great impression at work and stay in the loop of the latest shift changes. Get instant notifications whenever the schedule is published, your shift is updated, a shift is about to start, or a colleague asks to trade your shift.

Never forget to start tracking time again